Instrument Hire Application

This is a contract between York Arts Education (the lender) and the person responsible for the hired instrument (the hirer) – usually the parent/carer

Instrument to be hired:*
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To be completed by the Hirer. Please complete all details accurately.

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Free hire also available to those who qualify (see definition of low income):

How to pay

Invoices are issued by York Arts Education CIC and issued by email. Invoices should be paid by direct debit using GoCardless.

Instrument Hire -  Information

York Arts Education instruments are available for hire to students living in the city of York and surrounding area.  The hire scheme is to enable young people to take up instrumental tuition without the commitment of purchasing an expensive instrument or, in the case of small child-size instruments, one which the student may quickly grow out of. All of the instruments available are good quality second hand – some almost as new.  Instruments can be hired at highly competitive rates.


Free hire also available to those who qualify for Pupil Premium (ask your school for a letter of confirmation) or who are looked after by the local authority - see Definition of low income

Students are encouraged to purchase their own instrument when they feel they are ready.  York Arts Education can direct families to schemes to make the cost of purchasing an instrument easier to manage.  Please contact us in plenty of time so that we can help you with this.

The instrumental hire service is run from York Music Centre at Millthorpe School on Saturday mornings.  Instruments may be collected from and returned to reception between 9.30 and 12.30 every Saturday morning during term time.   There will be the opportunity to inspect and try out the instrument.  A range of instruments may also be available to try.

Please provide proof of address when you come to collect the instrument.

Instrument Hire – Terms and Conditions

  1. The instrument will at all times remain the property of the York Arts Education CIC who may ask for the instrument to be returned at any time
  2. Hire charges may increase from time to time with minimum of half term's notice.
  3. The instrument is only to be used by the pupil named in the hire agreement.
  4. The hire charge is to be paid termly by invoice.
  5. FREE instrument hire is available to those who qualify for Pupil Premium (ask your school for a letter of confirmation) or who are looked after by the local authority - definition of low income
  6. York Arts Education ensures that all instruments are checked and are in a clean, serviceable condition. We expect it to be looked after and returned in the same condition (including any accessories). You will be responsible for the cost of any consumables such as replacement strings, rosin, reeds, grease and oils.
  7. Where an instrument is damaged, lost or stolen you must immediately inform York Arts Education so we can advise on the appropriate action.
  8. You are responsible for the safe-keeping of the instrument.  If the instrument is damaged (either deliberately or accidentally), lost or stolen, you will be responsible for the full cost of repair or the full value of the instrument (irrespective of any discounts or free loan)..
  9. You are advised to insure the instrument against theft, loss and damage. This can usually be arranged as part of your household contents insurance. You are responsible for the cost of this insurance.
  10. We will repair or replace the instrument (as appropriate) during the hire period if there is a fault that has arisen during normal use.
  11. We reserve the right to determine if an instrument is faulty or has been damaged whilst in your possession.
  12. This agreement may be terminated by you with a minimum of half a term’s notice in writing (letter or email). If the hirer does not give such notice they will be liable for further termly payments until such notice is given.
  13. The instrument must be returned to us at the end of the hire period. Should the instrument need repairs (other than fair wear and tear) at this point we will make arrangements for the repairs and will invoice you separately for the relevant costs.  If the instrument is damaged beyond repair you may be held responsible for its replacement.
  14. You must tell us immediately if your address or contact details change. You must not to sell, pledge, charge, assign or otherwise dispose of the instrument or attempt to do so. You will be responsible for all expenses or costs incurred by us in enforcing or applying for payment of any sums payable by you or in ascertaining your whereabouts or of the instrument or in recovering possession of the instrument from you or any other person (including any payment made by us in discharge or satisfaction of any lien or alleged lien over the instrument).

I confirm I have read and agree to the Instrument Hire Terms and Conditions:*

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