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Free places are available for the following:

  1. children who qualify for Pupil Premium (ask your school for a letter of confirmation)
  2. children who are 'looked after' by the local authority.
  3. children currently participating in the Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) programme through their school (free place applies to First Access membership only and only during the year of WCET participation)
  4. families on low income - see Definition of low income
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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

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Small group tuition is avalable on Saturday mornings in 30 minute sessions (up to 4 children per session).

Individual lessons take place on a Wednesday evening. Please note that tuition fees are in addition to membership fees.

30 session per year

One session per term will include pupils either performing in or attending a York Music Centre concert.For some more advanced students there may be a few further performing obligations that may reduce the total number of lessons to 28.28 lessons per year are guaranteed for all students as a minimum.

What type of tuition sessions are you interested in? (please note that individual tuition is available to full membership only):
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Safeguarding of Children and Young People At York Music Centre


As York Music Centre operates out of normal school hours, the building is regarded as an ‘open’ site as it is also used by other members of the public. During these times, normal school security does not operate, and our safeguarding policies are designed to address this challenge. 

We would like to clarify and formalise the process of signing children in and out of sessions as follows:

  1. Parents/carers must sign their child(ren) in and out of each session (ensemble or tuition) or formally grant permission for their child to sign themselves in/out of session(s). 
  2. When ‘in session’ responsibility for the child rests with the tutor. When moving from one session to another or at break time etc. responsibility for the child rests with the parent/carer (even if the child has been granted permission to sign themselves out of the session).
  3. Parents must collect their child PROMPTLY from the end of the session (unless the child has been granted permission to sign themselves out)
  4. Parents must notify YAE if there are any extenuating circumstances of which we need to be aware (e.g. child is not to have contact with a specific family member)
  5. At break times or in between sessions, parents and students must congregate in the Dining Hall (or designated common room) and not wander or congregate around the school building. 
  6. Parents have a responsibility to inform YAE (email support@yorkartseducation.org.uk) about any changes to medical details, photo permissions or contact details.
I give permission for my child to sign themselves in and out of sessions at York Music Centre:*
I understand that during break times or in between sessions that I am responsible for my child.*

Terms and Conditions

  1. All parents/carers will receive a monthly invoice by email and request for payment via direct debit.
  2. Direct debit is the preferred payment method (GoCardless). You may pay monthly or termly or annually by direct debit.  
  3. Full payment to be received within 28 days of invoice.
  4. New students starting mid term will be charged accordingly.
  5. Students only need to enrol once. Sessions will continue until we receive written notice to quit (by post or email).
  6. Notice to quit tuition or membership must be given at least 1 month in advance and cancellation submitted using the online form.  A full month's fee will be due when cancellation is submitted on or before the 1st day of the month. If paying termly, payments are due in January, May and September. If paying monthly, payments are evenly spread throughout the year:
    1. Spring Term:  January/February/March/April
    2. Summer Term:  May/June/July/August
    3. Autumn Term:  September/October/November/December
  7. Students aim to attend all sessions and concerts, and practise regularly as advised by their tutor.
  8. Parents/carers aim to support home practice, encourage their child’s attendance and notify the tutor and/or York Arts Education of any absence from a session or concert.
  9. York Arts Education aims to provide the highest quality arts experiences for all young people in a vibrant, safe and responsible environment.
  10. York Arts Education aims to communicate clearly with parents, teachers and students and to encourage feedback
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