York Youth Orchestra

Supported by the Radcliffe Trust

Ben Crick (above)

All players are expected to be at a standard of Grade 6 or above and are required to audition (a solo unaccompanied study and some sightreading).

The requirements for percussionists are a little more flexible and pianists are welcome to apply (although should ideally be of a minimum Grade 6).

The age range is 11 – 21 although players younger than 11 may be given consideration on further consultation.

Fees - £70 per project (free to members of York Music Centre and students in higher education). Bursaries are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Please complete the following application if you wish to audition for the York Youth Orchestra.

Audition Application

Applicant Name:*
DOB (31/12/2001):*
Tell us something about you e.g. what music do you enjoy playing and listening to?’ What would you hope to gain from being part of a high quality orchestra?:
Auditions will take place at Millthorpe School on Saturdays at 1pm. Please state the dates you are available:
Parent/Carer Name:

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